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Buffalo, NY, a city on the south shore of Lake Erie, is an amazing place to live. The environment, trees, development, everything is picture perfect. 1776 Tree Service promises the best tree service in Buffalo for the residents and commercials. 

Our tree service company aims to provide top-rated and affordable tree service for people in Buffalo and surrounding areas. We believe in listening to and solving customers’ problems without causing further damage. Trees are healthy for a fresh environment but can be harmful if not taken care of properly. Some trees can be dead, diseased, have uneven limbs, or about to break off from roots. An expert, seasoned arborist is the only option here to look up for a healthy removal. Sometimes, removal isn’t the only option left. Pruning, strimming, could be a necessity as well. 

However, many residents or commercial sites need tree care services for the trees and plants in their backyard or garden. Our company serves experienced arborists to help keep your property safe and secure. Our dedication helped us achieve Buffalo, NY‘s top-rated tree service company.

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What Our Buffalo Clients Are Saying

J. Spencer
J. Spencer
Very prompt and extremely Professional.
Sheryl Brooks
Sheryl Brooks
Did a nice job removing several stumps from my property, also was very responsive and quick!
Humberto Hernandez
Humberto Hernandez
Chris and Nick were absolutely amazing. They did a great job with all the trees we had in the back and front yards. Great service, reliable, clean, and quality. Highly recommended!
Philip Lauria
Philip Lauria
Excellent work Very professional Cleaned up thoroughly Very friendly and understanding. Good scheduling
Barbara C
Barbara C
I’d recommend this company for any tree related services. We had a few trees cut down and removed by Nick and his team. The quality of their work was great and they were on time, professional, and very responsive.
Buffalo BillC
Buffalo BillC
Polite, friendly and very professional. This is a family run business that has the nicest people you can ever work with. Highly recommend.
Kinwai Yu
Kinwai Yu
Quick, efficient, and responsive.
Belle Jacobs
Belle Jacobs
Quickly and professionally accommodated, our project scope of work maintaining schedule at a reduced price tree removal and stump grinding work was professionally performed with no issues. We plan on using Nick again for additional projects at different properties that we are needing tree removal and stump grinding activities.

Our Qualifications

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Professional Tree Services Buffalo

Tree removal is a risky job that professionals must handle. Many factors are related to just cutting off trees or completely removing them. Trees can be tripping on your building or roads and causing severe accidents. Moreover, big trees can’t be handled without tree removal types of machinery, too. Therefore, a professional is a must-figure in this case.

Talking about professional tree service in Buffalo, NY. 1776 Tree Service has always been on the list. Our company trains and takes the best arborists who can work under pressure and give emergency tree service. Sometimes storms harm the trees badly, and fallen trees may intrude on roads and other activities. This includes several dangerous accidents, too. 

We train our experts to handle every crisis efficiently and effectively. For any issues related to tree service in Buffalo, NY, contact us on our hotline. Our service is always at your door.

Our Tree Services in Buffalo

Our company, 1776 Tree Service, is a local tree service company trying to meet every demand of the owners. Our tree service program has the following services-

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Out of handling several issues, sometimes removing the tree from its roots is the only option left. Decayed or dead trees can be infectious. Professionals are well-equipped and can safely remove the trees. In the worst scenario, fallen trees cause deadly accidents, and experts are required at the sites. Call us  for any type of tree service.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is a fundamental weekly process of giving the trees a good shape. Be it for residents or commercials, well-trimmed trees beautify the area and avoid risks. Some limbs grow in abnormal shapes and invade spaces. Our professionals try trimming the trees in a manner that avoids such unnecessary growth. 

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding refers to chopping the stumps into pieces because this becomes  easier to remove. Usually, stump removal is a dangerous process, and sometimes, avoiding this process becomes a necessity. Our professionals grind the stump, clear the space, and plant a new tree. This is because stump grinding does not remove the root system. 

Emergency tree service

Tree emergencies occur all the time- trees lean towards properties, block pathways, break during storms, and many more. In all these instances, you can always depend on us, your local tree removal company. Our customer service stays open 24/7 throughout all the days of the week. Just give us a call as per your need.


WHY CHOOSE 1776 Tree Service?

1776 Tree Service understands the customers’ emotions and plans with their trees. We have engaged ourselves to understand situations, reasons, and ways customers want tree service Buffalo. So, why choose us? 

Years Of Experience

Starting from scratch, our company is built inch by inch. Years of dedication, hours of training, and multiple successful projects have brought us today’s fame. Our company has a dedicated team that has effectively and efficiently solved people’s problems without compromises. Our experience makes us the best fit for your work.

Industry Leading Equipment

Although ours is a local company, we opt for the best reviews of customers by giving the best tree services. 1776 Tree Service uses industry-leading materials for tree removal, pruning, and grinding. This makes the work flawless and helps it finish on time.


Tree removal, or tree services are risky due to using several pieces of machinery. Our company has an insurance policy that covers the responsibilities of the arborists. This means undoubtedly, the customers are not liable for any accidents and won’t have to pay for damage.

Free Estimates

Get a FREE estimate for all your tree service needs at 1776 Tree Service! Our expert team is ready to assess your project and provide you with a no-obligation quote. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards healthier, safer trees on your property.

Review from our Cleint

Review for 1776 tree service


When the weather is calm and not stormy, it is the best time for tree services. Winter or early spring is perfect for tree services like removal, grinding, or pruning. Tree trimming is good to be done weekly.

The estimated price is $531.00 to $721.00. Besides, the cost may vary from service to service. For a proper tree service, sometimes top-rated service companies charge more. While some stick to the market value. 

Trimming is necessary for giving trees a good shape. This enhances the beauty of trees and the area it is in. Sometimes, unshaped limbs are cut off while trimming. Usually, clippers or secateurs are used to tree trim. 

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