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10 Reasons Why People Love Buffalo NY

10 Reasons Why People Love Buffalo NY

Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Buffalo,_New_York

Buffalo often gets overshadowed by bigger cities like New York City and Toronto, but those who know better appreciate all that this underrated gem of a city has to offer. From its incredibly affordable cost of living to its rich history and architecture, vibrant arts and culture scene, and, of course, that famous Buffalo wing, here are 10 reasons why people love Buffalo, NY.

An Underrated Gem of a City

While often overshadowed by bigger metropolises like New York City and Toronto, Buffalo is an underrated gem that offers an incredible quality of life. From its affordability and stunning architecture to its thriving arts and culture scene, there are so many reasons to love this resilient city. Here are 10 of the top reasons why people adore Buffalo.

The Incredible Affordability

One of the biggest draws of Buffalo is how affordable it is to live there, especially compared to other major cities in the Northeast. The median home price is around $200,000 and rent for a decent one-bedroom averages under $1,000 per month in most neighborhoods. From housing to groceries and transportation, your dollar stretches much further in Buffalo.

The Amazing Food Scene

Buffalo, NY has a wonderfully diverse and delicious food scene that goes far beyond just chicken wings (although the wings at the Anchor Bar are a religious experience). From incredible pizza and burgers to incredible international cuisine and creative farm-to-table fare, you’ll never go hungry in Buffalo. And the cost of eating out is extremely reasonable.

Stunning Architecture

Thanks to a booming era around the turn of the 20th century, Buffalo is graced with a wealth of jaw-dropping architectural gems. Admire Gilded Age mansions, grand art deco and beaux-arts buildings, or Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Darwin D. Martin House Complex and other Prairie-style masterpieces.

A Haven for Arts and Culture

Despite its smaller size, Buffalo packs a huge punch for arts and culture. It’s home to incredible museums like the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, a world-class philharmonic orchestra, a thriving local music scene, theater companies, and much more. The city also has a strong literary tradition as the birthplace of F. Scott Fitzgerald and former home of literary giants like Robert Frost and Joyce Carol Oates.

A Booming Craft Beer and Cocktail Scene

Buffalo and Western New York are a craft beer lover’s dream with dozens of excellent local breweries, brewpubs, and beer bars. The cocktail culture is also thriving, with gifted mixologists whipping up creative craft cocktails at hip lounges and speakeasies throughout the city.

Easy Access to Nature

One of the best things about Buffalo is its proximity to incredible outdoor attractions like Niagara Falls, about 20 miles away. Buffalo also has a 350-mile system of parks and trails along Lake Erie and the Buffalo River, allowing residents and visitors alike to spend time hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, cross-country skiing, and more.

Exceptionally Friendly People

Sure, this could be said for many cities. But Buffalo has gained a deserved reputation for its warm, down-to-earth residents who go out of their way to make newcomers and visitors feel welcome. Buffalonians love their city and are happy to share it with the world.

A Passionate Sporting Culture

Speaking of friendly locals, Buffalo fans are some of the most dedicated and passionate in all of sports. From diehard tailgating rituals to unwavering support for the city’s NFL, NHL, and triple-A baseball teams, attending a game is an experience unlike any other. Go Bills!

Fascinating History

A former boomtown that was a major player in industries like steel, grain, and manufacturing, Buffalo’s history is rich and fascinating. From the Erie Canal to the Pan-American Exposition of 1901, you’ll find architectural and cultural remnants of Buffalo’s storied industrial past throughout the city.

A Hub for Innovation

While still grounded in industrial roots, Buffalo has successfully reinvented itself in recent decades as a budding technology and start-up hub. Numerous incubators and organizations fuel innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly in fields like clean energy and medical technology.

From its low cost of living and incredible food to its stunning architecture and passion for sports, Buffalo truly has something for everyone. This often underrated city combines big-city amenities with small-town charm and friendliness. While flying under the radar for too long, word is getting out about why people love calling Buffalo home. With its unique blend of past and future, Buffalo deserves its turn in the spotlight. Learn more about Historic places around Buffalo NY

FAQ - Buffalo NY

The best times to visit Buffalo are during the summer months of June-August when the weather is sunny and warm, or during the fall from September-November to experience Buffalo's beautiful foliage season. Winter can be bitterly cold with lots of snow, while spring is a bit unpredictable weather-wise.

Some of the must-see attractions in Buffalo include the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin House Complex, the Buffalo & Erie County Naval and Military Park, the Buffalo Museum of Science, Forest Lawn Cemetery, and of course, taking a pilgrimage to the Anchor Bar where Buffalo wings were invented.

Buffalo is located just about 20 miles from Niagara Falls, making it an easy day trip. Many visitors use Buffalo as a home base for exploring Niagara Falls.

Yes, Buffalo is renowned for its extremely affordable cost of living compared to other major cities in the Northeast. Housing, groceries, transportation and other costs are very reasonable in Buffalo.

Buffalo has a continental climate with four distinct seasons. Summers are warm to hot with highs around 80°F. Winters are very cold and snowy, with temperatures frequently below freezing and heavy lake-effect snow. Springs and falls are mild transitional seasons.

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