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Stump grinding machines are very efficient they can access a tree stump for removal. They are configured with a grinding wheel that has teeth. The wheel spins and is operated with hydraulics back and forth to slowly grind a stump. A new tree can be planted right in the same spot where the stump previously existed and was ground out. It is our goal to treat customers with the respect and professionalism that we would want to be treated with.

We go to the extreme to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their tree service. We desire to develop a happy and loyal customer base. We specialize in stump grinding service and have the personnel to handle the job may require.

1776 Tree Service in Buffali, New York provides professional tree services at affordable prices! We are locally owned and operated, and we’re fully insured! We are always happy to provide the best service to every home. Get free estimates by calling 1776 Tree Service today!

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