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Seasonal Tree Care Tips: How to Maintain Your Trees Throughout the Year in Buffalo, NY

The four varied seasons of Buffalo offer breathtaking beauty, but they also pose particular challenges for our cherished trees. For the longevity and health of your trees, whether you are an experienced arborist or a land owner, you need to know how to take care of them all year round. 

We, at 1776 Tree Service are committed to assisting the fellow citizens of Buffalo in maintaining their natural environments. Therefore, we’ve put together these seasonal advice to guide you:

How to Maintain Your Trees Throughout the Year in Buffalo, NY


Trees require occasional pruning and winter is the prime time for pruning as they are dormant and less vulnerable to stress.

  • Keep healthy branches breathing while identifying any dead, sick, or troublesome branches. Therefore, for complicated cuts, seek the advice of our highly qualified arborists at 1776 Tree Service.
  • The intense winter sun especially damages young trees. Tree trunks can be shielded from sunburn by painting them or wrapping them with fabric. Make sure that any coverings are taken off before spring.
  • Use a broom to gently remove snow and be cautious around any potentially fragile areas of snow. Though it may be appealing, heavy snowfall can also cause branches to snap because of their weight. Make sure to give The 1776 Tree Service a call for safe removal.


As winter begins to fade

  • Inspect areas around your trees for any signs of damage, such as cuts, fissures, or bug infestations.
  • Apply a 2-to 3-inch coating to maintain soil moisture, regulate soil temperature, and prevent weed growth.
  • Use a fertilizer made specifically to match each tree needs and provide the essential nutrients they require for healthy growth throughout the growing season. You can also take help from our experts at 1776 Tree Service.


Buffalo summers can be very hot. Hence, special care must be taken around the trees. 

  • During dry spells, water your trees deeply once a week, specially in the root area. 
  • Place shade sails strategically during the afternoon to protect specific trees, especially young ones, from sunburn.

Watch out for the harmful bugs or insects. Contact 1776 Tree Service‘s experts for safe and efficient pest control options if you find an issue.


Fall is the ideal weather to plant and nurture trees. Follow these instructions for tree care during fall.

  • Rake and remove fallen leaves to stop disease. Also, to improve the soil, compost the leaves or apply them as mulch.
  • Give your trees one last good watering before winter arrives to make sure they are well-hydrated when they hibernate.
  • Cover the base of your trees with a heavy layer of sand for insulation before winter arrives. Young tree trunks can be shielded from sunburn during the winter months by wrapping or painting them.
  • While fall is the ideal season to plant new trees, make sure you pick the suitable species that are compatible with Buffalo’s environment for a healthy growth.

Always remember that every tree is unique and has specific requirements. Hence, contacting the knowledgeable arborists at 1776 Tree Service can ensure that your valuable trees thrive all year long and provide valuable advice. Our all-inclusive tree care services include tree removal, trimming, and disease identification and treatment for the fellow citizens of Buffalo, New York city.

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