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5 Signs When You Need to Call for Emergency Tree Services | Safety In Emergency Situation

Trees have the ability to bring life to even the most commonplace of settings, whether by enhancing the beauty of a sunny morning outdoors or the curb appeal of a modest home. But sometimes they become so dangerous for our surroundings that we need emergency tree services. Do you know about them? If not, follow this article. Here are 5 Signs When You Need to Call for Emergency Tree Services

Signs When You Need to Call for Emergency Tree Services

Trees have a tendency to lean against buildings

Trees tend to lean in one direction after being affected by natural disasters such as cyclones and floods. This could happen if the tree is old or if there are building alterations on the land. While a slight lean in a tree here or there is usually nothing to worry about, many arborists advise taking action if the tilt is more than 20 degrees.If you see that the tree is leaning, has dead leaves and a damaged trunk on one side, but healthy leaves on the other, please treat the situation as urgent and call an expert tree care service.

Trees are near to the cables

If there are trees that are leaning against power lines or if branches, leaves, or twigs fall into cables, then there is a significant possibility of a fire starting. In reality, many of the recorded forest fires have been attributed to having their origins in trees in recent years. Never hesitate to contact a certified arborist if you notice that a tree or one of its branches is getting perilously close to electricity wires. With some decent tree shears and a few sparse limbs, you could prune the branches yourself.

Mildew and Dust

Mildew on the tree’s leaves or stem that looks like dust or powder is a warning indication that has to be addressed right immediately. Repairs are possible for dusty mould, which poses a health danger if left unchecked. When using chemical treatments like herbicides and insecticides, it is important to consult an arborist throughout the entire prognostic process. Prolonged usage of insecticides may be harmful to a tree, especially if it is already old or in a weakened state. In this case, emergency moving services should be called.

Explicit Roots

The trees are frequently uprooted in the middle of the winter after several months of neglect, particularly following a series of natural calamities. Experts should be called in for a survey in this case. Also, it’s not uncommon to see a tree’s roots creeping dangerously close to a neighbour’s property. A sure clue that the tree needs to be removed before it causes structural harm to the building is when this occurs.

Trunk cavities

Any type of opening or cavity in the trunk of a tree in the vicinity of your residence or in your yard may indicate decay or other structural issues. This is especially true for older trees, as it usually foreshadows structural decline and eventual mortality. If you find a hole in the tree’s stem and see that the bark has come off of it, you should get the tree cut down right away.

Safety in emergency tree situation

Safety Measures in Emergency Situation

Calling for Help

Explain that the first step in any tree-related emergency is to call your tree service company immediately. Provide the contact information and stress the importance of quick response.

Discussion and Planning

Explain that your arborists will discuss the findings with the customer and create an emergency plan. Encourage customers to ask questions and provide any additional information.

Follow-Up and Maintenance

Stress the importance of post-emergency follow-up and regular tree maintenance to prevent future issues.


It’s hard to let go of a tree you’ve nurtured and cared for. However, there are times when you may need to make the tough decision to move forward with emergency tree removal. You may have a better grasp of your trees and the need to call in professional arborists now that you are aware of the warning signs that signify the necessity for tree removal.

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