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Trees is one of the best things you can have on your property, but sometimes they can cause emergencies. Whether you are concerned about a partly broken tree after a storm or removing a tree branch that is dangerously close to the powerline, we, 1776 Tree Service, are offering lightning-quick emergency tree service in Buffalo, NY.

Tree service is quite different from emergency tree services as it should be done as soon as possible, avoiding all its associated dangers. We have an entire group of highly trained and experienced employees to handle those situations. We are loaded with heavy equipment and advanced technology that allows us to take care of every tree service emergency.

As a local company, we are determined to build an affordable service that homeowners of Buffalo, NY, can easily rely on. But why would you need an Emergency tree service in Buffalo? Here are some situations when you can call us for an emergency.

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After a storm

After a big storm or hurricane, there can be several emergencies. A tree can break or get damaged, causing hazards to humans and animals. Even if you don’t spot any immediate issue, there can be hidden broken branches that can fall and cause danger. So you can play safe and assign us for a checkup.

Power line

Trees, wind, and power lines are hazardous combinations, so you may want to chop off the tree branch that is dangerously close to the power line.

Diseased tree

If you spot an infected tree and are concerned about other healthy trees, you can ask us to take care of the diseased tree and protect the healthy tree.

Fallen trees

You should take steps immediately if a tree falls. We are offering emergency tree removal services at a comfortable price.



We understand emergencies with trees can happen anytime, so we are really committed to providing 24 hour emergency tree services to our customers. We believe we have a great responsibility to save people and property from danger, and we try to do it with serious passion and heroism.

So whenever an emergency appears and whatever the situation, we are always prepared to provide Buffalo emergency tree services to the homeowners of Buffalo, NY. We are always near the telephone, and your calls are like a “hero alarm” to us. Call us at 716-309-4050.

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