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How to Choose the Right Tree Service Company in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY, a scenic city lying at the head of the Niagara River and the end of Erie Lake, is the perfect combination of natural and man-made beauty. The graceful architecture along with its lush greenery make this city one of a kind, and to sustain these natural blessings, the inhabitants of this city need the very best tree service.

The tree service you choose in Buffalo can make or break the aesthetic appeal and the health of your beloved greens. It can help you prevent a hazard or put you in one. And, need I even remind you of the scammers trying to empty your pocket? 

These days, differentiating between the proper tree services and the cons in the market has become a tad difficult. But worry not, scroll down and you’ll know the exact steps to choosing the right tree company. Or, you can always rely upon 1776 Tree Service to provide you with a superior and money-worthy service.

How to Choose the Right Tree Service Company in Buffalo, NY

Check the insurance policy

Services like tree removal or stump grinding come with quite a few risks, and both people and properties are prone to getting damaged in the process. Unless the tree service has a proper insurance policy, you become responsible for compensating these damages. 

This is why, the first thing to do before even considering a tree service is to verify their insurance. Ideally, they should have insurance for both their accountability and the compensation of workers.

Beware of fake certificates too, only accept the copy of the insurance sent by the insurance agency itself.

Look up the reviews

A few minutes of online searching can give you many insights into how well a tree company performs. Positive reviews on different websites are always a good sign. You might also ask around the neighborhood to get more personal remarks or contact the company’s references to get a better affirmation.

Another quick tip: Ask for recommendations in your local social media groups. People are likely to vent about the awful experiences they’ve had with tree services, and through this, you’ll know which companies to avoid!

Certifications and associations

While it is not mandatory for tree companies to hire certified arborists, certifications from the International Society of Arboriculture are a great bonus. This ensures their skills and professionalism, just as you get from 1776 Tree Service.

Also, if the tree company in question is connected to or certified by reputed business associations, chances are that the tree company is good. Check for their trade license, alliance with the Tree Care Industry Association, and such to learn about their brand image.

Proper pricing

We all love a cheap deal, but often, the quality of the service also lessens with its cost. So, refrain from hiring a tree company just because it is offering some jaw-dropping price. There might be many underlying reasons, such as them being newbies, lack of advanced machinery, no insurance, and in the worst case, the company being a fraud.

On the other hand, don’t let the sweet talks of a customer service agent lure you into accepting a ridiculously high price. Get quotes from a few selected companies to compare the pricing, bargain to get the best deal, and select the one that feels reasonable to you.

Pay after completion

It is common for tree companies to ask for some advance payment, but asking for a huge amount or the entire payment in advance is certainly a red flag. Once they receive your cash, they might just vanish into thin air without completing the task.

So, ask for the cost breakdown and a thorough contract even before hiring the service, and never pay until you’re totally pleased with their work.

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