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Stump Grinding in Buffalo, NY

A large tree was disrupting your residential or business space and you’ve had it cut down, but is that all? Now comes the most difficult part, removing the stump that is ruining the look of the area and making people stumble upon it. However, eliminating a stump isn’t every man’s job, and that is where we come in.

We are 1776 Tree Service, the most experienced and elite name when it comes to stump grinding in Buffalo, NY. Utilizing our professional team and advanced machineries, we remove stumps efficiently and in no time. But don’t just take our word, give us a call whenever you need a stump grinding in Buffalo and enjoy a premium service at the most affordable pricing.

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Our Stump Grinding Services

Site assessment and a complimentary quote

You can schedule a site inspection by calling our customer care on any day, at any hour. Soon, our expert team will visit the location and carefully examine the stump that needs to be removed and the surrounding area. Since we maintain crystal clarity on the cost, you will get a free quote right after the inspection.

Smooth removal of the stump

Our fierce tree stump grinder machines, combined with the strength of our technicians, grate down even the largest stumps in a matter of hours. A medium-sized stump can be removed within half an hour.

Converting to mulch

The residues are then pulverized into mulches and spread on surrounding areas, fertilizing the soil and thus, helping the environment.

Optional root removal

Depending on the type of tree, the stump grinding is often best when followed up by root removal. Some roots can grow even after the stump has been removed, and when such roots grow above the earth’s surface, it creates more hazards for passers-by. After the elimination of a stump, our skilled team inspects the area for growing roots and explains the situation to you. Either ask us to remove the roots or leave it as it is- your wish is our command!

Restoring your space

Our stump grinding company believes in not just removing the stump, but also leaving your property looking seamless and appealing. Once all the work has been done, our team will clean up any scraps and debris produced by the grinding process, making you forget that the stump even existed.

affordable Residential Stump Removal In Buffalo

Removal of stumps is a hard and risky job that needs an expert to step in. People in residential areas often accept challenges like DIY tree removal and leave the stumps to rot. This causes severe environmental pollution and invites pests, fungi, bacteria, and lousy stench in the environment. 1776 Tree Service has the solution for Residential stump removal in Buffalo, NY. Our company has professional stump removal experts trained to do such demanding jobs. We serve our customers anytime demanded. There are a few techniques to take off stumps from roots. Sometimes, the stumps are in a good position, so regular techniques are used. Chopping into chip slices is one of the best options. However, diseased stumps need to be carefully taken off from the roots. As a residential tree stump removal company, we execute these difficult jobs using modern techniques and machinery.  We also keep in mind that for residential areas, trees are an essential factor. Picnics, hangouts, and tea parties are a part of people’s regular lives here. We understand the importance of tree shades and the presence of trees, specifically. Therefore, we plan to remove stumps properly from the ground. In the same spot, we plant another tree if customers ask us to do so.

Buffalo Stump Removal SERVICE

Commercial lands are used for office spaces, factories, warehouses, and plots with different services. So the importance of the healthy land is known to us. We consider a businessman’s worries ours and serve precisely how it turns out better. The landowners often buy lands with leftover stumps. We spare our best professionals for commercial stump removal in Buffalo.

Commercial stump removal service is an intense field of work because we deal with multiple stump issues. We choose the best techniques to remove the stumps. First, we visit the site and measure the sizes and conditions of the stumps. Scenarios could be some stumps are too damp, and diseased, and some are too strong and deep-rooted. Our professional commercial stump removal specialists study thoroughly and act accordingly. 1776 Tree Service is a promising and rising company in this field of expertise. Visit our website to witness our wonderful portfolio and have us at your service.

Why Choose Our Stump Grinding In Buffalo, NY

skilful team of Arborists

Each arborist on our team is highly trained in terms of both stump grinding and handling the client’s needs. With their expertise in the field, they are ready to provide you with just the service that you need.

Safe, speedy, and affordable

Improper grinding of the stumps leads to pest infestation and more incidents of stumbling, and we would never let these happen! Our cutting-edge technology assures precise grinding in the quickest possible time, without making you spend a fortune on it.


Our clients are our priority, and we ensure to make you feel that way starting from the very beginning to the end of our service.


The residential stump removal average price is $807- $1,145, or $976 approximately. However, the minimum cost is approximately $300, and the maximum is $1,800. This depends on the size and condition of the tree.

To prevent pest infestation from stump decay, bacteria, and viruses to spread. Moreover, there are high risks of soil losing its nutrition due to the long-term presence of damp stumps. To avoid hazardous consequences, stump removal is vital.

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