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Many amateur gardeners make the mistake of trimming their own trees, ruining both the health and the beauty of the trees. Don’t do that to your beloved greens! Trimming trees is a delicate work that is best left to professionals, and luckily, we are the experts in that.

When it comes to tree trimming in Buffalo, NY, 1776 Tree Service is simply unparalleled. We have been providing tree services like stump grinding, tree removal, pruning, and tree trimming in Buffalo and surrounding areas for years now.

With our masterful team, latest equipment, and ample understanding of every tree’s needs, we have created the reputation of the best tree trimming service available in the buffalo area.

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Why Choose Our Buffalo Tree Trimming Service?

Regular trimming is essential for the healthy growth of any tree, be it a medium-sized plant or a giant oak tree. You can enjoy various advantages by taking our tree trimming service. But in short, our service leads to safer, healthier, and more aesthetically appealing trees.

Promoting healthy growth

Our pruning and trimming services remove all the dead or nearly dead leaves and branches from your tree, letting go of that extra load and allowing the tree to grow. Even if your tree doesn’t have dead branches, trimming is still essential. Often, overcrowded branches and leaves create a blockage on the outer side of the tree. Since the blockage doesn’t allow sufficient sunlight and air to pass through, the stem and crown on the inside become more prone to infestations and diseases. Our certified arborists make precise cuttings to unclasp such blockages, letting air and light infiltrate throughout the entire tree.

Preventing hazards

A branch that is growing in the direction of a household, office, any living structure, or electric lines immediately needs to be taken down to prevent damage to properties. Another hazardous situation is when a branch is on the verge of falling, especially if people walk around that location. On times like this, our tree trimming company provides emergency tree trimming services that you can avail of on any day at any hour.

Making your trees sturdier

The weeds and branches at the bottom of a tree take nutrients away from the main tree and cause it to become weaker. We trim these extra branches, resulting in one firmer tree that is capable of withstanding harsh storms and wind conditions.

Creating a beautiful landscape

You plan the look of your ideal garden, we make it come true! We trim trees to give them any size or shape that you desire, leading to a unified, lush, and picturesque garden. On top, our trimming service enhances the vegetation of your trees, helping them produce more flowers and fruits.

Affordable tree trimming buffalo

Improper trimming leads to infected branches and even to the death of your trees, while proper trimming helps you create the garden of your dreams. We are determined to provide the latter! Call us any day to boost the health of your trees, as well as to enjoy top-notch customer service.

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